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Diversity is our strength!


The existence of intercultural exchange at Camp Cosmos is inevitable - our campers come from all over the world and love to explore the differences and commonalities between them.


Many children at camp are bi- or trilingual, and its not uncommon to see them translate for one another through a string of languages.

The goal of the Intercultural Program is to facilitate this naturally occurring exchange and promote healthy dialogue between communities. The coordinator of this program organizes outings to culturally significant sites, as well as games and activities that demonstrate communication and cooperation. They also create age-appropriate workshops that address issues around racism and discrimination. Another goal of the Intercultural Program is to familiarize newcomers to Canada with cultures and history of Indigenous peoples.

This graphic represents the 27 languages spoken at camp in 2017! The size of the text is proportionate to the number of campers who spoke each language.

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