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Keeping it green


While Camp Cosmos has always strived to be a green camp, in 2006 we adopted an explicitly environmental focus.


Through our environmental programming we aim to connect urban youth with the natural world and teach them how to protect it. As first generation Canadians, Camp Cosmos campers often act as ambassadors for their communities. By incorporating environmental education and focusing on climate justice, we hope to inspire a new generation of activists who can mobilize their friends and families to action.


 In recent years, the environmental program has focused increasingly on urban agriculture. Through visits to local gardens and farms, children growing up in the city are given the opportunity to connect with their food sources. These trips inspire healthier eating habits and inform campers about the significance of food waste and its impact on the environment. Back at camp, staff educate children on how to recycle and compost. Since 2015 Camp Cosmos has been recognized by the City of Montreal as a Zero Waste Camp.

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