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Throughout the summer our camp staff have the support of a group of Counselors and Shadows in Training (CITs and SITs). This group of youth aged 14-17 are mentored by staff and receive five days of pre-camp training as well as additional trainings throughout the summer. The goal of the Youth Leadership Program is to provide youth from underserved communities to build work experience and professional skills in an environment that is safe and supportive. We want to empower youth to feel like they can make a difference in and for their communities by giving them opportunities to do work that feels meaningful and valuable. Participants in this program have the chance to spend their summer with a group of like-minded peers and mentors. In addition to working alongside staff, CITs and SITs spend one day each week accompanied by the Youth Leadership Coordinator on an outing. These trips include team building activities, leadership development workshops and more. 

CITs and SITs are paid a weekly stipend for their participation in the program. 

Applications for the Youth Leadership Program for our Montreal location will open next xummer! Send a copy of your CV and 1 page cover letter to!

West Island

CC West Island's new Youth Leadership Program aims to provide leadership development, opportunities, and skills for camper ages 11 and 12. The program will provide a nurturing environment that fosters the development of value-based leadership through workshops and volunteering. Campers in the Leadership Program will actively participate in activities with the other campers, however, they will also participate in activities particularly tailored to developing their leadership skills.

Camp fees for Youth Leadership Program participants are the same as the fees for regular campers (read more about camp fees here). Spaces in this program will be allotted on a first-come, first-served basis.  You can sign up for this program using our regular registration form.

Since 1971, Camp Cosmos has brought together a diverse group of Montreal youth to learn, play and connect. With locations in Downtown and the West Island, CC provides an accessible and transformative summer camp experience.

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