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A place where every kid can thrive


Camp Cosmos' Accessibility Program facilitates the participation of children with disabilities by pairing them with a Shadow who accompanies them throughout the summer.


The program coordinator meets with each camper's parents to complete an assessment of the camper's needs and determine what kinds of supports will be best for them. The coordinator assists shadows in adapting camp programming for the child they are matched with. The needs of children in the Accessibility Program vary widely and we are committed to accommodating children with all levels of ability and disability to the greatest extent possible. We are proud to create an environment where every camper receives the support they need to shine.

In addition to working with Shadows, the Accessibility Program coordinator helps educate all campers on ability and disability. They provide age-appropriate activities which help foster tolerance and understanding.

We are looking forward to continuing to grow this program and finding ways to make camp an even safer and more inclusive place for participants in these programs.

Due to financial constraints, the number of Shadows that can be provided free of cost is limited. For more information about registration, click here.

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