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Camp Cosmos

Paula Kline, a member of the Camp Cosmos Board of Directors, poses with two returning campes

49 amazing summers (and we're just getting started)!

For the past 49 years, Camp Cosmos has been offering a safe space in Montreal for children of diverse backgrounds to learn, grow and play throughout the summer. Most campers come from refugee, immigrant, and low-income families living in Montreal. We also welcome campers with disabilities and provide them with the best support available for them to enjoy camp to the fullest.


We're a multilingual and multi-ethnic camp that promotes harmony between children from different cultural backgrounds, and different degrees of ability and disability. We are one of the only camps in Montreal where children of all levels of ability learn and play together, and the only one that offers free accompaniment (shadowing) services.


Over the course of six weeks, campers aged between 5-11 years old will get a chance to learn more about themselves, the beautiful city of Montreal, and the world that they live in. From swimming in the pool to caring urban gardens, our carefully-prepared, age-appropriate environmental and intercultural education curriculum aims to build a fun and enriching camp experience for all. We are committed in making each camper’s summer to be enjoyable, engaging and memorable.

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