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Mind, body, and soul

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At Camp Cosmos we've always recognized the importance of helping kids stay physically active throughout the summer.


We enjoy a weekly trip to the pool, introduce campers to new sports like yoga and rock climbing, and spend hours running around. Our Athletics Coordinator creates an exciting and varied program that all campers can participate in, regardless of age, gender, or ability. 

We are currently working towards incorporating more of the many facets of wellness in our athletics program. In combination with the environment program, through which campers visit urban farms and gardens, this program aims to teach kids to love healthy food. In 2021, we incorporated the Health At Every Size framework into our programming. This helps us to create an Athletics & Wellbeing program that encourages our campers to find joy in moving their bodies, while honoring the differences that all humans have.

Since 2017, the athletics program has also begun to address mental health. Campers took part in a workshop which offered strategies for combating negative self- and body-image. They discussed the impact of social media and its potential to skew their perspective.


By combining these many facets of wellbeing we aim to demonstrate to campers a holistic approach to health.

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