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The best summer job

Hiring for summer positions begins in April. Most positions run 7-8 weeks including one week of training.


All positions listed here are available at both our MontreaL (downtown) locations. Click here to find out if we currently have any openings. For work opportunities for youth (ages 14-17) click here.



Counselors are matched with one of our three age groups who they accompany during activities and outings each day. They manage group dynamics while providing one-on-one support to campers. They also act as mentors to counselors in trainings (CITs).


Shadows work one-on-one with campers who have disabilities, supporting them throughout the summer and adapting program to meet their needs. Each camper requires different forms of support so the role of the shadow varies. Shadows work with the Accessibility Director to break down barriers for campers with disabilities and to help them have a safe and fun-filled summer. To learn more about our accessibility program, click here.

Program Coordinators

Each camp has three program coordinators who oversee the Athletics, Environment, and Intercultural programs. These coordinators each put together one day of programming per week. They liaise with other community groups to plan outings, and run activities and workshops for campers of all ages. During the camp day, coordinators are assigned to a group and work alongside counselors and CITs, who they also help to support.

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