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Camp Cosmos aims to inspire and empower youth to be a force for positive change in their communities.
Our anti-oppressive philosophy is at the heart of everything we do. We recognise that each of our campers brings a different set of experiences and identities and we aim to create an environment where every child's needs are met.


Building solidarity between communities

Cultivating tomorrow's climate justice leaders 

Providing young people with meaningful work experience

Helping campers with disabilities get the most out of their summer

Both our kids fell in love with Camp Cosmos, its warm and fostering atmosphere, and the engagement and commitment of its staff. Camp Cosmos is...a space where they can play, learn and discover the world in an environment that fully respects who they are.

Parents of two campers,

ages 9 & 12

I have never seen [my daughter] this happy. She grew so much through going to your camp, so I want to thank you for that.

Mother of a Syrian refugee camper

 [My daughter] spent a great time [at Camp Cosmos] feeling loved and cared about by the lovely staff. She enjoyed every activity and was a very safe place where I do not have to worry about my daughter because I know she is in a safe and caring environment.

Parent of a 6 year old camper

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