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CC at the Musée des Beaux Arts

As a part of our Kid Zone program, Camp Cosmos families have been all around town this year, from our fall apple picking excursion to the Chinese lantern festival at the Botanical Gardens. Recently, we had the opportunity to unleash our inner artists at Montreal's Musée des Beaux Arts.

Parents and kids were treated to a tour of the Museum's portraiture collections, from the Renaissance all the way through to the wacky works of Picasso. We even had the opportunity to try out some sketches of our own in the galleries.

The definite highlight of our visit was the workshop during which we got to create our own Picasso-style self portraits! Artists of all ages let their creativity shine, using vibrant colors to concoct unconventional representations fit to be hung on the walls of the museum. We left feeling inspired and energized!

Kid Zone is a program which aims to connect communities, provide affordable access to cultural acitivites, and keep the camp spirit going all year long. To stay informed about all of Camp Cosmos' upcoming activities sign up for our newsletter here!



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